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Our Lord Jesus Christ


Prayer services for you in Liverpool

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The holy body and blood of Jesus is represented by bread and wine. At our holy communion we believe that Jesus is present with us during our supper.


At the chapel, we also organise a wide variety of events and activities including communions.

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From Sunday schools and catechism classes to a wide range of activities, including motivational speaking sessions, you can get a thorough spiritual experience which will definitely help you grow and live your life more peacefully and happily. Visit our chapel today for great religious and spiritual insights.

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Come listen to the learned and revered Reverend Samuel Sarpong of the Christian Gold House Chapel and get motivated to live better and do right by yourself and the people who love you. The reverend’s stories and views about life are inspirational and sure to give you the right encouragement.

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Prayer services for one and all

"His divine power has given us everything we need for life and Godliness through our knowledge of him who called us by his own glory and goodness"

If you are looking for affirming and motivating spiritual guidance you are welcome to join our reverend's sessions at Christian Gold House Chapel.

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We are conveniently located and accessible to people living across Liverpool including St Helens, Birkenhead, Bootle, Warrington, Wigan, Runcorn, Prescot, Ormskirk and the surrounding areas.

Bible, bread and wine


Christian Gold House Chapel is an evangelical, Pentecostal Charismatic Church based in Liverpool. We abide by the saving grace of God through Jesus Christ our Lord. We aim to live the word as expressed in the Bible and we focus on evangelism and promotion of Christian love across communities. We emphasise the imminent return of Christ, deliverance, speaking in tongues and holiness in our preaching and worship. At Christian Gold House Chapel we value people and provide a welcoming space for everyone who walks through our doors.

Doctrine and Belief

The fundamental belief of our church is the exercise of faith, the experience of the Holy Ghost and of Jesus Christ as Lord and personal Saviour. We are Bible based and Spirit led Ministry that promotes spiritual development and sustainability of that development through prayer. We see the image of God in everyone at Christian Gold House Chapel.


Rev. Samuel Sarpong is the Founder and head Pastor of Christian Gold House Chapel. In 2010 he was called by God to establish a church in Liverpool. He experienced the call in a trance after which he withdrew from many earthly activities in order to concentrate on prayer and study of the word of God.  He dedicated himself entirely to the belief and faith that God has a purpose for everything he has made, and has his own ways of fulfilling every purpose for the benefit of humankind and for his glory. He fasted and prayed intensively for confirmation from God before embarking on the journey of Christ.

It came to pass that in the same 2010 Rev. Samuel Frempong Sarpong established the church in Liverpool and ever since then many people have experienced spiritual breakthroughs, healing, deliverance and the anointing of the Holy Spirit by the grace of God and through the anointed man of God. Interviews with people from different denominations who have become members of Christian Gold House Chapel suggest he is a holy man of God with strong anointing grace and the power of deliverance upon him.

Indeed, Rev. Samuel Frempong Sarpong remains one of the most anointed man of God in modern times and his leadership has seen the church becoming one of the fastest growing denominations within Liverpool and its environs. Certainly, he has uplifted the church to be instrumental in saving souls, uniting families and building communities for God’s work. Over the years he has had the blessed opportunity of sharing his spiritual knowledge and motivational sermons on Sky Believe TV with thousands of viewers.

Place and Times of Worship

The church uses a rented hall on the top and bottom floors of L’Arche Community building in Lockerby Road, in the Kensington area of Liverpool. It holds regular Sunday services from 9am to 11:30am and all-night prayers on Friday nights from 11pm to 4:30pm. Everyone is most cordially welcome to attend our prayer sessions for spiritual and personal growth.


We happily invite you with open arms to join us in fellowship and to make good friends in the name of the Lord. In our fellowship you will feel and enjoy the presence and love of God in a new refreshing way. I declare the good hand of the Lord upon your life. You are favoured in the sight of God.

Prayer Request

For prayer request please email us on or call us on 0151 792 7955. You may also follow the links below and complete the online form. Remember you are never alone, we are here to support you in prayers and learn from you also.